Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Business aims and experience

First of all, I'll talk about the aim with the quotation of the Americas best selling author as:
Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.” (W.clement) 
If we ponder upon the word "Aim'', it comes from the thinking approach and it varies from person to person and individual. Different people have diverse thinking. It is obvious that without specified aim you cant figure out which way you are heading. So, it is essential for everyone to target a specific purpose and if I subject it towards Marketing then it is most important to select a target market and then devise the strategical thinking and get the desired outcome. As man is a social animal it means that his purpose should also benefit the social atmosphere. Earning a lot of money, getting the desired fame is not the purpose of social animal. God has bestowed man a creative mind that has the ability to get what he wants but it requires a lot of hard work. It is the nature of man that at first he observes, get right knowledge and decides accordingly what kind of interest he has in him and then implement it strategically.
In business prospective, you cannot implement unless you have the right knowledge and key factors about the specific area. and if anyone fails in topping the business up to the hill then he should keep in mind that its not the end. Failures are the most useful experience that a any successful businessman has. So, one should not lose his heart because when we think negative, it happens exactly the way we had thought. You cannot be beaten unless you lose your heart. One must has the strong-hearted in order to achieve his specified goals.
Late in 90's when I was the newcomer in the business arena. Everyone out there were so talented and experienced and when I thought about the brilliance of my rivals I always ended up with failure. Whenever I got my business in recessive point, I felt very heartless and aimless wondering that what will happen now and in the end I failed again. Then with the passage of time I came to know the key factors that not only will help in making the business more fruitful but also it makes you more practical i.e The way I'm now. I have faced a massive loss in my business nearly 1m and everybody thought I'm a big loser because I always failed.
 Through my past experiences I've learnt few things that I would like to share with you are as follows :
  • Sometimes you lack the knowledge 
  • Sometimes you don't implement your knowledge
  • Sometimes you don't do it in a right way
By overcoming the above described things, you can grasp the market and can get control over the monopoly. All you have to do is "focus" and making your heart strong. And no one can beat you.

''Tasks are not difficult unless you understand it and when you understand it you lose''

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